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How Lisbon inspired me to create posters to decorate your home.

In today´s post you will be able to see some images of my dear Portugal. After viewing this collection, I have a feeling that at least one of these special photographs might decorate one of your walls and be part of your story.

Why, what, how?

As soon as I landed in Portugal, I felt the abundant wind of freedom. I´ve lived almost my entire life in Brazil, and despite also being a beautiful country, I felt limited and insecure.

The freedom to exercise my creativity was the gift Portugal gave me.

I have a very particular adventurous spirit and it took me just a few months to really get to know the city of Lisbon as well as some other interesting places. I took a course on the History of Portugal, read books about many Kings and Queens, and visited buildings and monuments left by those who passed through the country leaving their signature. I visited lovely beaches, felt the cold water, the icy wind, and so learned to admire this country that for centuries was the greatest explorer of the Seas.

The capital, Lisbon, is very proud of itself, and for a good reason. After all, there are so many points of the city from where we can admire it. And mind you, visiting Lisbon requires not only a good physical condition, with all the hills and streets going up and down, but good memory as well, in order to be able to remember thousands years of History.

Encouraged and inspired by its beauty, I photographed Lisbon and every corner I turned into and could finally feel the real company of my camera, a faithful companion on my journey. With it in my hands, I explored this city of remarkable architecture with its art deco colors, the curves where trams pass, surprising corners, endless stairs and so many special viewpoints. Along with me, in addition to my camera, there was the light, and what light! Lisbon has an absolutely magnificent light (I can´t help it if my remark sounds like an exaggeration).

To properly photograph this city, one must capture the essence of everyday life, reacting quickly to unforeseen situations and changes in light. And, of course, be discreet. It´s also about realizing where those wonderful light falls, the shadow it forms, knowing when the leaves fall and the flowers bloom. I learned about the flow of the tides, the direction of the wind, and how to take advantage of the reflections after a rainy day. Everything duly captured and still so much more. That´s art.

Finally comes editing. Here is where I place my gaze. I transform what I photographed into what I really saw. The beauty of photography is in knowing how to put one´s own vision of the world into an image and sharing it.

If you have any empty wall in your house, then you need a photograph. Let it be the one you like the most.

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Clau Pereira



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