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They say that people eat first with their eyes and then with their mouth. Well, I wish it stays that way. As a gastronomy photographer, I wish more. I want photography to make people leave the comfort of their homes for eating out. Food photography goes beyond the click. You need to build the scenery, to enhance colors, textures, and ingredients. The challenge is to make people almost feel the dish aroma only by looking at the photo on a menu, magazine, newspaper, or social media.



When photographing interiors, my main goal is to show the architect or designer's style and look. In interiors photoshoots of restaurants, commercial properties, apartments, houses, and offices, you must capture the environment's atmosphere. And that is what I look for in every click.



Highlighting the value of the product must be the goal when photographing for advertising. It doesn't matter if the photography is for illustrating an online store, a catalog, or social media. The image has to awaken the desire to buy the product. My specialty as a product photographer is tabletop products, products we photograph on a table.